GLLQUEN BABY Sleep Sack 2 Pack 100% Cotton Baby Sleeping Bag 2-Way Zipper Toddler Wearable Blankets Breathable… Price: $22.96 (as of 30/03/2023 13:12 PST- Details)

The GLLQUEN Baby Sleep Sack is a wearable blanket for boys and girls. It has a 2-way zipper for easy on and off, and is made from super soft and lightweight material. It is sleeveless to keep your baby comfortable and cool while sleeping.


How do you help the environment if you buy this product?

Looking for a cozy, eco-friendly way to keep your little one warm at night? Look no further than the GLLQUEN Baby Sleep Sack! Made from super soft, lightweight fabric, this sleeveless sleep bag is perfect for keeping your baby comfortable and warm all night long. Plus, the 2-way zipper makes it easy to get your baby in and out of the sleep sack. And because it's made from eco-friendly materials, you can feel good knowing that you're helping to protect the environment when you purchase the GLLQUEN Baby Sleep Sack.

If you purchase this "gllquen baby sleep sack wearable blanket for boys girls, baby sleeping sack with 2-way zipper, super soft lightweight sleeveless sleep bag," you are helping local organic cotton farmers. The farmers who grow the cotton used to make this product are paid a fair wage for their work, and the cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides or chemicals. This makes for a safer and healthier product for your baby, and helps support the local economy.


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