Superdry Mens Organic Cotton Academy Stripe Polo Shirt, Slim Fit Price: $17.48 (as of 19/03/2023 11:22 PST- Details)

This is a polo shirt from Superdry that is made from organic cotton. It is slim fit and has stripes on the chest.


How do you help the environment if you buy this product?

If you purchase this Superdry Mens Organic Cotton Academy Stripe Polo Shirt, you will be helping the environment in a number of ways. Firstly, by choosing an organic cotton shirt over a conventional one made from non-organic cotton, you will be supporting organic farming practices that have a lower impact on the environment. Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers, which can leach into the soil and water, causing pollution. Furthermore, organic cotton is typically rainfed, meaning that it requires less water to grow.

Additionally, this shirt is a slim fit style, which means that less fabric is used in its construction. Therefore, you will be saving resources compared to if you were to purchase a shirt with a looser fit. Every little bit helps when it comes to reducing our impact on the planet!

If you purchase this Superdry Men's Organic Cotton Academy Stripe Polo Shirt, you will be helping local organic cotton farmers. This shirt is made of 100% organic cotton and is part of Superdry's commitment to sustainable and ethical fashion. By buying this shirt, you are supporting farmers who are using sustainable practices to grow their crops. You are also helping to reduce the use of harmful chemicals in the environment.


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