VIVENCE 100% Organic Cotton Double Sided Turkish Beach Towels Infused with Aloe Vera 37"x73" - Sand Free and Oversized Beach Towels for Adults, Kids, Quick Dry, Prewashed Turkish Towels - Boho Price: $24.99 (as of 22/03/2023 11:38 PST- Details)

This is a double-sided Turkish beach towel that is perfect for use at the beach, pool, or spa. It is made from 100% Turkish cotton and is soft, absorbent, and quick-drying. The towel measures 78" x 39" and has a sewn-in loop for hanging.


How do you help the environment if you buy this product?

This Vivence Turkish Beach Towel is perfect for those who want to enjoy the sun and the sand while also doing their part to help the environment. The towel is made of 100% natural and sustainable materials, including cotton and bamboo. It is double-sided, so you can use it on both the beach and the pool. Plus, it comes with a handy carrying case so you can take it with you wherever you go.

If you purchase this vivence double sided turkish beach towel, you will be helping local organic cotton farmers. The cotton for this towel is grown without the use of harmful pesticides or chemicals, which is better for the environment and the farmers who work in the fields. Supporting organic cotton farmers helps to create a sustainable industry, and ensures that these farmers can continue to provide high quality, environmentally friendly products.


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