What are Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly products?

As the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon has a responsibility to lead the way in sustainability. That’s why they’ve made the Climate Pledge Friendly program, which identifies products that meet strict environmental standards.

The program is voluntary, and only available to products sold by Amazon. But it’s a great way for customers to know which products are helping to fight climate change. Climate Pledge Friendly products must meet certain criteria, including:

  •  Generating less carbon emissions throughout their life cycle
  • Using less energy • Using less water
  • Reducing waste
  • And more

Products that meet the criteria are labeled “Climate Pledge Friendly.” You can find them by searching for the label on Amazon’s website.

What are Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly products

When you buy Climate Pledge Friendly products, you’re not just helping the environment – you’re also supporting businesses that are working to fight climate change. So next time you’re shopping on Amazon, be sure to look for the Climate Pledge Friendly label.